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Brainwashing; the story of men who defied it

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Brainwashing; the story of men who defied it

Published [1956]

Publisher New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy
Pages 332
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Language English
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Reviewer: brainheart - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 20, 2015
Subject: dated but still important
i knew nothing of this history, shocking stuff. The basic premise explains how communism as a philosophy and regime was actually principally interested in turning people into mind controlled slaves by inverting the science of psychiatry, so that instead of using it to heal mental illness, was used to create it, which was the process that became known in communist block countries as "brainwashing", aka "corticovisceral psychiatry" and when used with malevolent intent as in communism, involved breaking a persons capacity for self autonomy, ability to determine fact from fiction, right from wrong, freedom from slavery, turning the mind bitter and hateful, all to turn people into mindless robots willing to think and do anything the authority wants

the books fairly well written, but abit repetitive in places, spending too much time trying to explain the amorphous concepts as the spirit of resistance, exemplified in expressions like "crusading spirit" etc, with no real insight of his own of how to properly or accurately explain, or if they could even be explained at all, and thus seemed to repeat himself alot on those counts. Simply put it couldve been shorter, perhaps by a third, forgoing the repetition, but no reason not to read it as many books are likewise overwritten
Reviewer: Myst2014 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 26, 2012
Subject: Totalitarian Systems
This is a good book, worth reading. There are other books also, that disclose the truth about totalitarian systems.

This would include, the already mentioned [Black book of communism ] . ;
And the work about Totalitarian imprisonment systems, The GULAG Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn (3 Vol).

[ VOLUME 1 ] . ; [ VOLUME 2 ] . ; [ VOLUME 3 ] . ;

Others besides Solzhenitsyn have witnessed the effects of Communism such as John Noble. ; Communism might be “wonderful”, if you happen to be the tyrant in charge. But the rest often live lives of great difficulty and oppression. The secrets of the what happens to those who disagree (and how to resist) has been given in several works, including:

[ Brainwashing; the story of men who defied it ] . and [ Communist psychological warfare] . ;

It is one thing to believe that the planners knew to establish systems of oppression, and kept both sides going, often by helping the weaker side. This would mean that certain networks within the American side ensured that the Soviets were supplied with the latest technology from the USA, just to keep things somewhat even (and to prevent the USA from winning), geopolitically. There is evidence that this conclusion can be confirmed. One such set of documents (extensive) can be found in the work of Professor Antony Sutton, who worked very closely with those he later wrote about.

For examples of technology transfers (to keep the weaker side going), see the Professors’s work and documentation on tech transfer to the USSR, and the implications of that scenario (some have suggested that this is being applied to Islam, though this would be for the reader to confirm); Sutton’s books and the documents seems difficult to deny. [ Technology Transfer and the Soviet Union – Vol 1 ] . ; [ Tech Transfer - Soviet Union – Vol 2 ] . ; [ Tech Transfer - Soviet Union – Vol 3 ]. ; Skeptics and the curious may want to [ hear Professor Sutton mp3 ] . explain these systems for themselves, although he had already documented the mechanism to promote Totalitarianism in [ Wall Street and the Bolshevik (communist) Revolution ] . ;

The Technology transfer by planners within the American (and British) government continued during World War II, as also documented in the diaries by Major Jordan who witnessed the events during his time on Active Duty.
From Major Jordan's Diaries - The Truth about the US and USSR . ;

These are the same planners who gave us the Federal Reserve (and who have created the current European Central Bank). The basis of the global systems in Finance was explained in [ The Creature from Jekyll Island ] . These are the same ones who run the Media-Industrial complex detailed in the work on the Media Monopoly disclosed by Professor Bagdikian, back in the 1990s.

In order to keep us looking the other way, they implemented strategies of [ Propaganda ] . and [ Distraction ]. .Unfortunately,they worked well on the American public, that was simply trying to do what is right, survive and help others.

In the 1950s, the public was distracted by the McCarthy Hearings. Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial complex, while he sanctioned Project Paperclip, inaugurated the transfer of Tens of Thousands of Nazi into American Institutions, which haves mostly been transformed for the worse ever since those days. While Eisenhower helped in the planning of these events, his handlers have (as they always do) continued to insist on how he “must” have known nothing. The U.S. (as advised by New Immigrated Govt-sponsored top Nazis) then rebuilt Europe under the Marshall Plan, in order to establish a New Order of the Ages which will be based within the Revived Roman Empire, better known simply as Europe, Paneuropa, Europa or the European Union Project. Bilderberg is the political aspect of this, Rome is the Religious aspect of this, and the Club of Rome/P2 is the Ecological-Mystical aspect of that plan. (few mention those in LeCercle/Pesenti and their earlier projects run by the Initiates such as Adenauer, Coudenhove-Kalergi, many of whom were Hapsburg lackeys holding allegiance to Malachi’s Martins version of New Rome, which appears much like original Rome, the city of the seven Hills).

It would be simplistic to suppose that only that official politicians ran the show. Actually most professional politicians are little more than cheap actors. Their ability to effect change is very limited. Larger influence was exercised in the 1950s and earlier through Foundations. See for example, [ Subversion of America by Tax Exempt Foundations - Reece Hearings ] . and [ Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations - 1954 ] . . Much of that work of planning and coordination continues today, both in the Foundations and the Think tanks (essentially they fulfill the same function).

It is good to be informed about the past. But there is a system coming that will make communism seem gentle by comparison.
It is not by chance but rather by design. It has been in the planning stages for a very long time. The fact is that communism and its dominance was simply a rehearsal, a part of a staging for other events that will soon encompass the Entire planet. The planners have given great care to all of the details, just to ensure their own success. They share what they do with many, which is part of their planning process. George Hunt was another eyewitness . to the plans . concerning Climate Change and the restructuring of the basis of economics and credit (at least this remains their goal).

The ways by which these Revolutionary planners usually is both by open work and hidden details. Those details are analyzed in
Arendt’s work (among others) such as her book href="">[ On Revolution ] . and [ The Origins of Totalitarianism ] . . There are several other works, where the planning, and the deliberation are documented. This includes the work called [ Tragedy and Hope ]. [ named that way because globalists claim to be the hope for mankind (slavery sold as freedom) and it will be your Tragedy if you do not accept their plans]. They claim to have total control already, but they await their new leaders, and his dazzling false counterfeit trinity. Some of that soon-to-happen scenario was disclosed in Larkin’s work on the exotic [The Book of Revelation] . , though that work perhaps deals within its own limitations, despite much of the truth which it discloses and reveals, through the charts, the explanations, and the timetables.

The evil nature of Totalitarianism has been documented for those who want the truth. Yet there are other workers of iniquity who believe that what they do is subject to immunity. That conclusion would be true only in the short-term. This can refer only to member of the current European Nobility and their relatives around the planet, who continue to run the [ drug trade ] . , the child rings, and create the [ mayhem ] . and misery all over the world . that they then claim to care so much about. At the center of most of this is found only a few actors, but who have a very long reach into history . ( Yes, K Marx worked for British Intel, or actually for the City of London as directed through Palmerston – get over it ! ) , media and politics.

The House of Windsor . (battenberg) comes to mind, especially their sponsorship of manipulation through Tavistock, and their earlier sponsorship of Huxley ([ evolution - devolution] . being a pre-requisite to God-denial movements) and [ H.G. Wells ] . , both of whom served their masters . well, in the acid dreams projects and the planing of the Novo Ordo Seclorum. The Tavistock / MKUltra / Prince Philip / esalen backstop has often been the covens on the left hand and the masons . on the right ., from which they both recruited a few of their lower leaders, and many of their recombinant human guinea pigs and victims, which continues under various hybridization programs. The fake Windsors have nothing to do with those in whose name they still rule, that is the English, Anglo Saxon or Nordic people, except to use them to cast blame upon them and leave them to pay for the deeds promoted by daemonic nobility, but only after they have been trained into abuse, regression and missing time. Those UFO strategists, they do plan in depth, do they not ?

Their current concern is the hope that Americans will give up their constitutional rights, and instead run into the arms of government, to pass the larger pieces of false-law Legislation to classify those who question as mentally ill. Interesting that all of the deranged people seem to be deranged, only especially when there is a sudden need to pass legislation that supposedly will affect only the deranged. ( Just a “coincidence” I am “sure” ). Though the influence of the wicked is great, it is for now yet restrained. And all the Spirit-guides and DMT to the contrary, there are limitations where liberty still shines forth. (The fact that Shulgar has been a member of Bohemian Gr for 50 years has done nothing to convince others of his supposed wide-eyed innocence). These steps are designed to implement the trance-formation of the American mind, from Freedom to the acceptance to live in bondage.

There are many who could step forward and disclose more, but certain members of certain groups are too busy and too afraid to
Stand for freedom or rebel against their masters and handlers. Yet this is the step to freedom which actually counts. If you are a victim, you will be believed by thousands, even though the leaders and their political agents will keep their lies in place, to seduce the masses, who are dying to be lied to, afraid of seeking truth. These systems are not inert. They are not neutral. Like the matrix, the borg, or the near-present terminator units, the system seeks to convince you of a beautiful lie, one that will seduce the world. But the dangers of that rainbow were previously disclosed, and who does not know that matreya-christos will be one of the leaders of the new prison-planet ? Did Campbell withhold much that Krishnamurti (aquarian slave) had already confirmed ? The [ Anti-thesis is the Thesis ] . . The only solution is found within the 66 traditional historic . books . . Yet those who read them must seek to have Wisdom from the Ultimate source . in hope of decoding . the timetable for events near the threshold time. (Would be a shame to be deceived by the Wrong . manuscripts, though some have Hidden . knowledge . ). As far as those who have plans to re-establish NWO Totalitarian System, information may be found for those who know how to study. The power blocks of the East, Islam and Europe . (which will combine to form the Revived. Roman. Empire) and Rosh have already been in place. When the unthinkable becomes reality, it may be that the details of the Scenario . are Worth . the study . .

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